• Luongo makes a great save: LUUU
  • Luongo opens a can of Chunky Campbells: STEEEW
  • Luongo sneezes: FLUUUU
  • Luongo's favourite colour: BLUUUE
  • Luongo makes moonshine in his backyard: Home BREEEW
  • Luongo moves to the Far North: IGLOOO
  • Luongo makes spaghetti for dinner: RAGUUU
  • Luongo goes to church: PEEEEW
  • Luongo prepares for an exam: REVIEEEEW
  • Luongo has a shower: SHAMPOOO
  • Luongo takes an oblique course or direction: SKEEEEW
  • Luongo mixes flour, butter, and milk: ROUUUUX
  • Luongo's favourite drink: Mountain DEEEW
  • Luongo releases his first Christmas single ft. Michael Buble: DEBUUUT
  • Luongo's up shit creek without a paddle: SCREEEWED
  • Luongo's favourite tree: YEEEEW

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Julie Andrews on how she got the part in Mary Poppins.




i dont get why people say ‘tea is just leaf water’ and then act like coffee’s so great like what do u think you’re drinking. bean water is what

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We are all Josh Hutcherson

The HunTer Games and Catching fireS tho


and then: “Are we live? Ohhhh gosh.”

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Bieksa was yelling at the cameraman to show some class as the cameraman was filming a close-up of Daniel Sedin, who was injured and being prepared to be taken away on a stretcher.  The cameraman didn’t move, so Bieksa took it upon himself to stand right in front of the camera so that Daniel wouldn’t be in the shot. The crowd knew exactly what was going on and cheered Bieksa on.



grandmoms are precious and must be protected at all costs

i told her i was posting this on tumblr and she said “let me know how many hits i get!!!” so just watch this and make an old woman happy

April 12, 2014 – Chris Tanev

April 12, 2014 – Chris Tanev

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top 10 favorite chick flick comedies (2000s)

in my own world

Hi I like Harry Potter, Disney, Starkid, The Vampire Diaries, the Vancouver Canucks, and American Horror Story that is all bye

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